Crazy racist woman embarasses herself on tram

Ok, we get it, you’re English!

As luck would have it, I’m reading a book which kind of relates to this, and allows me to understand the situation from a more sociological perspective.

Basically, this woman represents those members of the white working class who feel marginalized. Ethnic minorites, according to Susan Hollingsworth and Katya Williams (Journal of Youth Studies, 12:5, 2009) act as a buffer between the middle classes (who subscribe to neo-liberal multiculturalism), and the white working classes. Consequently, the white working class ironically feel discriminated against, as in their view the welfare state is engineered to favour newcomers and immigrants (The New East End, Dench, Young and Gavron, 2006). Ok, I understand that. I understand that they may feel betrayed by middle class do-gooders, and view the system and the job market as skewed towards new arrivals. But that is just one opinion. And this woman is clearly crossing the boundary between facts of immigration and class tension, and pure racism.

The British identity is now an elastic one, which doesn’t just encompass English, Irish and Scottish people. We’ve had people coming over here to work and live for centuries, and yes, there have been tensions, yes there have been job shortages and housing shortages. But you can’t use foreign people moving to London as scapegoats. And how can you deny people of different races and colours who live in Britain the same patriotism as white nationals? Let everyone living here have pride in the country they helped to create!

Also, who is this woman to point at black people and tell them to go back to their country? If you go back far enough in ANYONES family history you will find descendants from different countries…and so what? If you were born here or have lived here for a long time, you are British. If you live and work here and consider yourself British, you are British. Yeah, you can have British Bangladeshis, British Caribbeans, and so on, but at the end of the day, you can have dual heritage. You decide where your loyalties lie, no one decides for you.

Britain itself, and especially London, benefits from having people from such a mix of colours and races. So how dare this woman essentually tell them, and, by extension, me, to f**k off? Its a free country, so if you don’t like it, you should gather up all the ‘people like you’, who believe only one race of people matters, and go and live in antartica…its all white there, so that woman would love it. -_-


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