Shit people say to mixed race girls

Do you recognize any of these? What do you think these questions and statements show about how people view ‘mixed race’ females and construct their racial identity? Can you see any problematic themes?

[These are all either real quotes, or based on real experiences, which actually happened to me and others (who shall remain nameless)!]


Where are you from? No, where are you really from?

Can I touch your hair?

Are you Spanish?

You don’t look half black…

So is your mum white?

Bet you think you’re it just ‘cause you’re mixed race

Can you still say half caste?

Do you feel more black or white?


You’re quite pale though…are you ill?

Oh, so you’re one of those posh mixed race girls

Mixed race girls are the most confused about what they want


I love your lips, you’re so lucky!

About white girl having black girl batty!

So do you go out with white guys?


Your hair looks like candyfloss!

You’re black, right?

Why have you got freckles?

I would have thought you’d only go for black guys

Is it true what they say about mixed race girls? (Winks)


I bet you’re an animal in bed

How do you get your skin all tanned like that? Are you wearing fake tan?

So can you rap?

You look so exotic

I don’t normally go for pale girls, but…

I don’t normally go for black girls, but…

What country are you from?

Mixed girls should be with black guys, not white guys

You look a bit Asian

OMG I had no idea you were mixed race, I thought you were ‘………’



6 thoughts on “Shit people say to mixed race girls

  1. I’m white (as far back as one generation at least) but I have mixed race features, skin tone and hair apparently – as I’ve been informed many times by people as if it were an absolute fact. I’ve had 12 of these things said to me hahaa! People are strange 😄

    1. 12 of them! :p It just goes to show how people have constructed the mixed race category; some people are put into it against their will, others are left out despite feeling part of it. People are always trying to categorise looks, its always interesting to look at why and how…

    2. It’s like some people make snap judgements about others to stick them into neat little boxes so they feel they can easily understand and deal with the world, so they feel more in control. Which at best is lazy and at worst, well…

      Personally I love the fact that everyone looks different and has their own individual personalities & interests. Wouldn’t it be boring otherwise 😉

  2. @manchesterflickchick I can put my money on it with ur type of mentality u look typically white lol you wouldn’t self praise yourself on others commenting you. It indicated how insecure and ugly u feel within yourself. When I’m either I’m in a smoking shelter of a club, or at a bar. You get white women itching for comments, whether they spend countless hours trying to rotate their bulky stiff hips to a beat, or perm their hair to as low as tanning their skin for that exotic/med kind of look – u can tell easily through features and skin type a white girl unless she’s Eastern European.

  3. Why is this specifically about mixed “girls”??? Because being mixed myself, I should know that this whole page should qualify for the entire mixed race in general.

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