New year etc


Ok, maybe I left it a bit long to do a ‘new year’ post. Forgive me, I’ve been revising and stuff. Anyway, lets get into it…

January is a time for reflection, or so people say. I’ve made a few resolutions, one of which I have already failed. I think, instead of telling yourself what you shouldn’t do, you should think about who you really are. It’s good to start the year with an honest evaluation of your life, and go from there.

Have a look at the questions below; I’ve answered a few. Repost the following questions on your blog, or comment with the answer to your favourite question. Think about what you are good at, and what you like, and do more of it. Think about what you want to do with your life. That’s all you need to do. Not say to yourself ‘must go to gym 10 times a week, give up all chocolate, and be a better person’.

(Questions originally from here.  I didn’t write them, check out the real thing!)

ϟ What’s going to be carved on your (hypothetical) tombstone?

ϟ Is there something that people consistently ask for your advice on? What is it?

ϟ If you had an extra £100 to spend on yourself every week, what would you do?

ϟ If you could sit down with your 15-year old self, what would you tell him or her?

Chill out about your hair, it will be boob length by the time you’re 21 (woop)

ϟ What are you BORED of?

ϟ Do you think LOVE is chemical, intellectual, spiritual — or completely undefinable?


ϟ What’s your most urgent priority for the rest of the year?

Stop eating so many sweets because my mum thinks I’m gonna get diabetes, and also I have shit teeth

ϟ If you could master any instrument on earth, what would it be?

Cello. I got so close, but I haven’t picked one up for three years now.


ϟ What do you value most: free time, recognition, or money?

Free time

ϟ Would you like to write a book? (About what?)

I’m writing four at the moment

ϟ Do you think there’s going to be an anti-technology whiplash, in our lifetime?

I AM the anti-technology whiplash, man. I have a Nokia C1-01. I have never used whatsapp or BBM  or snapchat in my whole life. I think Kindles are the devil incarnate. I whine about how CDs have died a death.

ϟ Where + when do you get your BEST IDEAS?

When I’m out walking alone, or on a bus, or in my dreams

ϟ Have you ever met one of your HEROES?

ϟ What’s the WORST piece of advice you’ve ever been given?


ϟ What’s one mistake you keep repeating (and repeating)?

ϟ Do you have any irrational fears?

Statues of horses, or horse heads. I can’t walk past one without holding someone’s hand

ϟ If you were to die three hours from now, what would you regret most?

All the friendships I have let fade away due to irrational fears and paranoia

ϟ What’s something you’ve tried, that you’ll never, ever try again?

ϟ Have you ever had a psychic reading? Did you believe it? Was it accurate?

My bestie used to be able to read tarot cards herself, she managed to predict a few things for me

ϟ What was the BEST KISS of your entire life?

It was at a bus stop.

ϟ What’s your guiltiest of guilty pleasures?

ϟ Who’s on your panel of imaginary mentors?



Back soon 🙂


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