I stumbled across this website recently and found it very useful. If you write, check it out; you might find that you’re already using some of these sources unconsciously.

How do you find inspiration? I find it in dreams, in people I meet, and in music. I’ll tell you the inspiration i used for the big things I’m working on at the moment/have written recently…

One was inspired by Alaska and pictures of the landscape,

One was inspired by people I know in my own life,

One was inspired by the view out of my window

One was inspired by pictures in a magazine and an Odd Future album,

One was inspired by a pictures of a transvestite,

One was inspired by a girl i met once and the clothes she was wearing, and a song called ‘ice on the windowsill’ or something,

One was inspired by some food I was eating at the time (i think it was sweet potato stuffed with mackerel),

And there was one where I dreamed up the whole thing one night and wrote it at 3am…

The best advice I can give you is to go to new places and meet new people and pay attention to your surroundings. Also, when you are walking, don’t have a blank mind – think. Take inspiration from the usual as well as the new too; look at the things you walk past everyday. Let yourself be attracted to beautiful things, or ugly things. Try and juxtapose characters with these objects or buildings or streets.

Oh, and remember:

Write down your new ideas, even if they seem shitty. Don’t worry, it takes time to hone them. But to start with, you actually need an idea, no matter how crap it seems. So start now!


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