Letters never written


Have you ever had things you wanted to say but couldn’t? Things you wished you were had the balls to say to people’s faces?

Today, some people are so concerned with how they are perceived by others, and are careful not to rock the boat or cause social awkwardness. Which stops a lot of very important discussions happening. And it stops people being real for the sake of politeness (which I HATE!!).

But what if you could write it all down and tell people what you really think of them? What if you could get it all out? Try it; I did. I wrote letters to people which I will never send, as a writing exercise, but its a good exercise even if you don’t normally write because it gets you thinking: why couldn’t I send this letter? What can I change about myself to make me brave enough to say this stuff in real life? And also some of the stuff you write will probably be really funny!

Use your anger and passion positively, and don’t be afraid to say what you really mean, and break stereotypes and rules…


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