The End of an Era

Well, that’s my degree pretty much done with. Damn.

Honestly, this year has gone so quickly, it’s shocking to me. I’ve been disorganised, so forgetful, so ill all the time, that I’ve been behind on so much shit, and been unable to keep in touch with so many people the way I wanted, because a month feels like a day to me at the moment. Crazy. Hopefully once I’ve done my final exam, I can relax a little, screw my head back on, and find some time to do things with people and not just live in a loner bubble, on auto-pilot, unable to think further ahead than what I’m going to eat in the next 5 minutes. Who knows, when I get my shit together, I may even be able to blog more regularly!

Here’s what I’ve been up to apart from the above:

  • Rinsing the SHIT out of Pewdiepie…think I’ve prooobably watched all his videos now. (I came a little late to the party, the only youtuber I’ve ever watched religiously is Miles Jai).
  • Trying to get fit. It’s hard though, because all the chest and throat infections I’ve had lately means that me running, even for like a bus or something, is fucking hilarious cuz I’m wheezing like an old car within two seconds.
  • Dissertation handed in. Thank you to all the people who participated, and all those who took an interest or wanted to be involved. More updates on my research coming soon.
  • Discovered the secret to slightly faster-growing hair. I’ve always (semi)religiously greased my hair and put it in a bun at night. But lately, I’ve been lazy. I let it dry into messy ringlets instead of brushing it out after washing, I stopped using grease and just used shitty curl creams not meant for my hair type, and I basically let my hair get in a dry mess full of split ends that I couldn’t even run a comb through . So then, in desperation, I cut about two or three inches off the ends (with blunt scissors as well…was such a risky idea!), and started on an oil-based routine. And I think it might be working. I’ve stopped combing it when wet, and started doing protective styles at night/weekends (bantu knots or plaits). I saturate my hair with coconut oil overnight before washing, and use shea oil straight after. I also flip my head upside down and rub pure black castor oil into my scalp and ends pretty much every day. Turns out my hair better suits oil, rather than petroleum-based greases like the ones my mum uses. Better to find out late than never I guess.
  • I decided to do a Masters degree in Racism and Ethnicity studies. Haven’t got a place yet ’cause my application form’s not quite finished but fingers crossed…It would be so exciting to study!

Back Soon



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