5 Things I’m Thinking About


1) I’m fucking sick and tired of ASOS!

I used to be so addicted to that website. It was part of my ‘still up at 3am for no reason’ life. I would spend hours searching for clothes and saving them to my favourites and then umming and ahhing painfully over buying them before realising the birds were singing and I was still broke ūüė¶

But the main reason I’m tired of ASOS is the fact that the models they use all look the same – long hair, 7 feet 4 inches tall, and approximately a child’s size 9 yrs with a 10 inch diameter waist (or thereabouts…). It’s just boring and unrealistic and, more to the point, it puts me off buying because I can’t figure out how the clothes would actually look on me most of the time. Seriously, would it kill them to hire models who don’t look like they are unwell? Why are ASOS so in love with bones? Why do they hate hips so much? Like, it literally confuses me because models are supposed to be ‘hot’ and ‘aspirational’, right? So why don’t they also use girls that are hot in real life terms, with a shape, like a BODY? No offence to the girls they use, it’s not their fault they have a boyish figure, I mean, I kinda do too. But a LOT of¬†people don’t. So why don’t they represent the full beauty of women? And also this isn’t high fashion, this is supposed to be a more down-to-earth way of selling clothes, with trends led by street fashion and what customers actually (supposedly) want. So, why don’t they want to appeal to us by using normal-looking people? But, this is like shouting into a well. Noone will answer, nothing will change…yet. I kind of want to boycott them but then I know there will probably come a time when I’m eating cookies at 4am and wanting a cheap dress. FUUUUUU

2) Sandra Bland’s death is horrifying

If this is sad¬†for me, then this is horrifying for people actually living in America. How does this shit keep happening? It’s disgusting. Sandra Bland was just a normal woman driving to work. Like your mum. Like your aunty. Like your teacher. She didn’t indicate correctly¬†or something. And now she’s dead. People are saying that she was already dead in the mugshot. The police killed someone who shouldn’t have been in jail anyway, and are claiming that it was suicide. There’s nothing I can say that hasn’t already been said, nothing much I can do from here (sitting on my butt in York), all I can do is speak her name and hope that activists in the US will gain the upper hand and things will change. We must stay aware of what’s going on.

3) Is it wrong that I want a dog more than a baby?

Every time I see a dog, my heart skips a beat and I am overcome with the urge to hug it, and then I get sad and start planning when I will be able to have one of my own. I really love dogs, all dogs. All of my life plans, since the beginning of time, have involved dogs. Don’t most people feel this way about children, not animals?!? Oh well

4) I’m taking my twists out tomorrow ughhhhjjjjbdkjsandjkamdupdnsjwkdbh

I’m scared. It’s not gonna be pretty. I haven’t been caring for my hair at all the past couple of weeks. Might post a video for your amusement/to show you what not to do…

5) Why can’t women get on with fucking exercise in peace?

I bought Look magazine this week (dunno why, I never buy fashion magazines because they are full of damaging bullshit IMO) and there was this article about something called Blotox. Apparently it’s becoming super popular. It’s botox you have along your hairline to stop you sweating while you exercise (to protect your blow-dried hair). Women really aren’t allowed to be human anymore, are they? Not only do we have to be super thin and willowy (and yet still somehow still able to be strong and lift weights and shit), wearing expensive revealing lycra, have perfect make-up, be 100% hair free and smile for instagram while we exercise, but now we are not even allowed to produce a little sweat from our brow during physical exertion? I give up. These ideals are so removed from reality, what are they¬†even doing lol.

Women WILL keep exercising in baggy t-shirts, sweating, grunting and taking part in ‘unladylike’ sports which give them ‘unladylike’ muscles, and still remain beautiful and amazing; yes, even without makeup and blotox…soon, the media is going to have to catch up and reflect that. Also, let’s keep increasing the visibility of women’s professional sport while we’re at it. I personally really look up to female athletes, much more than I do actresses etc. Women who show us that it’s ok to be strong give me hope!

I’m gonna leave you with Serena


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