How to be Happy – a beginner’s guide


Enjoy your food

Be grateful for what you have

Throw out your scales

Wake up early

Learn, unlearn. Educate yourself and others. Seek the truth.

Don’t wear tights of less that 100 denier

Stop buying so much shit

Drink more water

Don’t plan so much – love the unexpected

Collaborate, and great things will happen

Make time for your hobbies and talents (preferably make them your career)

Keep an open mind and don’t just do what’s expected of you

Be creative – whether it’s through your hairstyle, gardening, piercings, or painting

Play your music loud. And sing along

Quit smoking, drinking and drugs

Commit, love and learn from it. Don’t be afraid to share your heart.

Hang out with people who inspire you and make you laugh. Don’t hang out with people out of habit, just to network, because you’re secretly jealous of them, or because you feel too awkward to say no. Your time and energy is precious.


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